You Can Cherish Your Fuch’s Wheels for a Long Time with These Methods

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Car wheels are not the same. There are some that needed special cleaning processes to ensure they last for a long time. Such is the case with Fuchs wheels, oftentimes seen attached to a Porsche.

Great cars deserve the best wheels and what more could be better looking than Porsche Fuchs wheels for your 911. According to, it owes its popularity to its visually pleasing appearance, low weight and its ability to provide you with a superior ride. Although it is true that such wheels are a bit pricey for some, the wonderful transformation that it accords your car is well worth its price. It’s only proper that you provide them special care to ensure they would last for a long time. How?

Unwanted Brake Dust

Most owners do not realize it but hot brake dust, which is generated when brake pads come in contact with the disc, can ruin the look of your Fuchs wheels. If you leave it unchecked, the hot particles can eat its way through the protective coating of your wheels. When it does, the alloy material can become corroded, further damaging not only the looks but also the structural integrity of the wheels. Though you can always have them refurbished, it can be an expensive undertaking that will further dent your wallet.

Removing the Dust

When the alloy shows signs of corrosion, some owners tend to clean them off with corrosive cleaners. Just be careful in using them, though, because some wheel cleaners contain a strong chemical formulation which removes, not only the corrosion but also the anodize coating on your Fuchs wheels. In the end, you may be making the problem worse than it already is. According to the Northern New Jersey Porsche Club of America, use a regular car shampoo and warm water when cleaning off the brake dust inside and outside your wheels. Once done, you would want to apply a good rim wax to provide a protective layer to your wheels.

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Steel Wool and Abrasive Materials

There are some owners who may, at times, be tempted to use steel wools or other types of abrasive materials when removing instances of corrosion. This should be avoided as it can further scrape away the remaining anodize coating on your wheels. Instead, use a soft sponge when cleaning the surface, then apply protective rim wax. If this does not solve the problem, then you may need to have it refurbished to bring back the look and shine of your Fuchs wheels.

Seasonal changes also affect the cleaning frequency of your Fuchs wheels to keep them in perfect condition. Experts recommend that you clean them at least once a week during winter time and about once a month during summer. Remember that regular washing and application of protective wax can keep these wheels in the best condition. Just avoid using strong cleansers and abrasives and you will surely enjoy your wheels for a long time.

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