Ways to Drive the Beaten Path Safely

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Black off-road all terrain vehicleThere are several reasons why people choose to drive off-road. For one, it allows you to explore lesser-visited areas such as secluded beaches and islands. However, driving off the beaten track may pose risks to both the driver and the vehicle chosen for the trek.

Before you embark on your off-road journey, you have to inspect your vehicle for any signs of rust that may affect its cables and brake lines. You can also consult an automotive expert who will help you find electronic rust proofing here in Brisbane.

Below, we give you useful off-road driving tips to help you keep safe and reach your destination on time:

Be prepared for what lies ahead

Working your way around potentially dangerous parts of a trail is one of the many challenges you will face when driving off-road. As a 4-wheel driver, it is best to know what you can expect from the adventure so that you can avoid severe sections of a trail, and find routes that will get you to your destination safely.

Do not hesitate to climb out of your vehicle to scout the area on foot and have a closer look at the rough stretch ahead. Doing this may provide you with some valuable information regarding changes in the trail.

When scouting the trail, you don’t always have to get out your vehicle.

You can practice reading the terrain by elevating your gaze to get a better view of what lies ahead. Most professional off-road drivers do this to know if there is a steep downhill slope coming up they should be prepared for.

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Pick the appropriate gear

Selecting the right transmission gear is crucial to overcoming a challenging obstacle. For example, when your tires hit the dirt and begin to spin, you might find yourself stuck and struggling to free the vehicle.

However, if you shift into 4WD as soon as the tires touch dirt, you will have an easier time navigating through of the dirt trail. Another important point to remember is to avoid shifting gear in the middle of a deep puddle because it will make you lose more speed and make your car halt at that obstacle.

Prepare your recovery gear

If you get stuck in a puddle, your first attempt at escaping is probably to slip a floor mat under the tires of the vehicle. If you find that this is not working, you need to use the right recovery gear.

Make sure you carry a tow strap that has fabric loops so you can ask help from someone who can pull you out with the strap.

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