Types of Automotive Suspension Systems

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Mechanic fixing the suspensionBack in 1901, they introduced the first shock absorbers to cars. Who would have imagined they would become as vital a part as they are today? The suspension system has become an indispensable part of the automobile. It is the system that connects the chassis and the wheels.

When you take your Subaru for servicing in Kaysville, they are more than likely to check the suspension system since it is responsible for things such as keeping the passenger comfortable despite road bumps, hard brakes and so forth, notes Shadetree Automotive.

Problems such as loss of control or damage due to luggage are likely to manifest if there is an issue with the suspension system. As a car owner, it is vital to know about your car’s suspension system and always ensure that it’s in tip-top condition.

Independent suspension system

If you have an autonomous suspension system, it means that the wheels of your vehicle can move independently of each other on an uneven surface. A force or impact on one wheel will not affect the other because the two are not mechanically linked.

It results in better quality rides and lesser weight of the suspension. These systems also require less space while giving an excellent ability to steer.

Dependent suspension system

Here, two wheels of the same axle link with a rigid connection. If there is a force on one wheel, it will affect the other in a way that any motion irregularities will affect both wheels. Mostly used for heavy vehicles, this system allows them to bear shock better.

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Semi-independent system

This type enjoys the characteristics of both the independent and the dependent suspension systems. The wheels move relatively, like with independent suspension.

Whatever the system, it is paramount that you take care of it so your car can function normally. Think about it, what is the point in having high horsepower and a thousand liters under the hood if you cannot control your car? Besides, if your vehicle cannot soak the road bumps, who will want to ride it?

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