The Various Techniques for Drywall Texture

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Drywall TextureThere are two kinds of drywall textures based on their process of application. First is the hand-applied drywall texture, which uses simple hand drywall equipment. Meanwhile, the sprayer-applied drywall texture needs a device for spraying the material onto pre-arranged surfaces. No one can effectively reproduce this kind of texture without the help of a device from suppliers such as

Hand-Applied Drywall Texture

A hand-applied drywall texture only needs a hawk and trowel, or a pan and knife to create it. Some tradesmen, however, use custom brushes to swirl or stomp patterns in the mud. They usually apply this texture on a drywall surface with the use of a high-powered paint sprayer or a paint roller. Some even use rollers, knives or brushes to form patterns in the mud.

The textures of hand-applied drywall depend on the creativity, technique and skill level of the tradesmen. The same methods do not necessarily result in similar styles, though. For this reason, there are various types of hand-applied drywall texture such as stomp knockdown, rosebud stomp, crows-foot stomp, swirl, double skip, Santa-Fe texture, hawk and trowel and skip trowel.

Sprayer Applied Drywall Texture

On the other hand, a sprayer-applied drywall texture requires a gas or electric powered sprayer to produce results. It commonly uses a hopper for the texture material pumped through an air compressor and a long hose. Tradesmen use hand triggers to operate this mechanism that combines compressed air and drywall mud, and sprays it onto the surface.

The resulting texture depends on the type of gun and the compressed air pressure in the mud. The material used also affects the outcome.

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When considering drywall for your place or establishment, it is essential that you know the methods of creating it. This will make it easier for you to choose from the process that suits your style.

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