The Dangers of a Broken Furnace: What You Need to Know

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Man repairing furnaceDid you know that many cost-saving practices, like shutting windows and preventing air from escaping, could cause fires or your furnace to malfunction?

If you’ve been delaying your maintenance schedule and forgetting to schedule an Indiana service furnace repair, here are some reasons to get your phone and call a repairman right away:

1. Carbon monoxide poisoning

This scentless gas kills around 200 people each year. More often, this gas comes from malfunctioning furnaces. You’ll never know when the gas is already lurking in your room because there is nothing to smell. Get your heating system fixed regularly, especially before the winter season starts.

2. Leaks

When your gas line leaks, you can expect a fire to start. While you may smell the leak and do something about it, there are situations when you won’t be aware of the problem until a fire starts. It’s best not to wait for this to happen and call someone to check on your pipes regularly. Even when your furnace hasn’t been in use for a while like during the summer months, there are still many reasons a leak could happen.

3. Spontaneous fires

You may never know when your furnace may cause a fire. If you put anything flammable near it or if your family members or housemates use it improperly, then you may be waiting for a fire to start. Call a repairman to teach everyone at home how to use the heating system properly.

Experts agree that a broken or poorly maintained furnace has some serious risks. While a gas furnace may be the most efficient way to heat up a room, using this the wrong way can lead to serious problems and even disasters.

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