The Biggest News for the Logistics Industry in 2018

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Logistic staff carrying cardboard boxE-commerce is set to change the logistics landscape in a big way. Gone are the days when the customers have to wait for their goods to arrive. Today, industry experts like Joloda explain that speed and quick delivery is the goal, and many companies are finding that e-commerce is making this possible.

The Kind of Shipping Customers Demand

Easy access to the Internet has changed the shipping demands of customers. So does the rapid rise of big e-retailers such as Amazon. The 2016 State of Shipping in Commerce revealed customers want a lot of shipping options. They also want the delivery to be fast.

About 61 percent of the surveyed consumers liked one to three-hour shipping methods. More than 75 percent, meanwhile, looked for same-day shipping. Over 30 percent of the customers didn’t mind spending more for convenience.

Penalty for Poor Fulfillment

The need for efficient and fast shipping has never been this important. The customers, after all, can reward or punish businesses based on this.

Another 2016 retail study highlighted this. Around 40 percent of the respondents would return to businesses with good product packaging. They also wanted fast shipping, which increases customer loyalty.

But the inability to fulfill customer expectations, including delayed shipment, can offset this gain. Almost half of them said they wouldn’t shop from the retailer again. Shipment delay isn’t the only factor that can damage good fulfillment. Many customers also highlighted that they could not tolerate errors.

In 2018, e-commerce will make up 9 percent of the total global retail sales. It may not be much, but this sector already grew 24.6 percent from 2015 to 2016. For businesses in the UK, they have another advantage: the country has the highest online shopping penetration.

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Industry experts Joloda say that many logistics companies need to invest in smart technology. These include automatic loading systems that boost both productivity and efficiency. These can reduce working hours and the need for extensive manpower. In the process, the company enjoys a win-win situation. They can give e-retailers excellent service while boosting cash flow.

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