The 3 Techniques Utilized to Recycle Oil

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Oil Drilling FacilityOil is among the world’s most precious commodities. Many innovations including industrial machines and cars primarily run on fuel. After its useful life, most people dump oil indiscriminately. According to the EPA, over 300 million oil gallons are disposed of improperly annually.

This dumping not only wastes a precious resource but also adversely affects plant and animal life. To protect the earth and minimise oil wastage, there exist several centres which specialise in petroleum recovery services. Used oil is collected and recycled in these centres. Here are some of the methods used to recycle used oil.


This is the commonly used oil recycling method. Used oil gets dirty but does not wear out. Refining uses advanced technological processes which remove the contaminants which build up in oil over time. This restores the fuel to its pre-use condition. The refined oil is used in making asphalt, gasoline and lubrication base oil.


In this method, used oil is treated and converted into a fuel. The product is in some cases introduced into a petroleum refinery which turns it into jet fuel, diesel, and gasoline. In other instances, the oil is processed to eradicate particulates and water then directly burnt as fuel for industrial use.


This involves filtration among other treatments of used oil at the point of collection. The filtered oil is then re-used in various industrial applications. Reconditioning only prolongs the useful life of oil rather than restoring it to its pre-use state. It is the choice method of recycling used for substantial volumes of industrial oil.

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With the above recycling options available, there is no reason to dump used oil. It is time to start collecting your used oil and taking it to a waste oil collection and recovery centre. Oil recycling not only plays a significant role in eco-conservation but also reduces prices of petroleum-based and manufactured products.

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