Second-Hand Cars in NZ: Some Cheaper, Others More Expensive

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Used Cars in New ZealandA study claimed that prices of used vehicles in New Zealand differ per car model, as a certain type could be more expensive to buy elsewhere.

If you’re planning to buy second-hand cars for sale in Auckland, Wellington, or any other city, Auckland Motors says that you should consider the Holden Barina. That’s because prices for this car are among the lowest worldwide. Buying the same pre-owned car in Australia is relatively more costly and even more when you plan to purchase it in Singapore.

Price List

For those wanting to acquire a second-hand Toyota Hilux Ute, take note that prices in New Zealand are among the most expensive in the world, according to study. On the other hand, pre-owned hybrid cars are some of the least expensive vehicles to buy in the country.

The study based its findings on the prices of 10 car types, including small hatchbacks, luxury sports utility vehicles (SUVs), hybrids and Utes. It then compared the average prices of these cars with similar odometer readings in 40 different countries.

SUV Sales

In 2016, sales of SUV cars increased to 146,753 registrations (up by 9.5%). The figure represented the highest recorded number ever, according to the Motor Industry Association. Mid-size SUVs took the lion’s share of car sales in the previous year, accounting for 15% of overall new sales.

Some factors that allowed the SUV market to become more popular among drivers include comfort, practicality and elevated seats for good visibility among others.

The study only used a small sample of car prices, so it’s still best to do your own research when planning to buy second-hand vehicles in New Zealand. As much as possible, set aside a bit more money into your budget, so you won’t be settling for a car you would only be buying because of its price.

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