Not Your Ordinary Ride: Unique Solutions to Cycling Problems

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parked bicyclesSome bikes or cycles have unique designs which can address common problems such as bringing your kids, transporting your cargo, and other problems.  Some bikes and cycles lack uniqueness, but with MADSEN Cycles, your cycle may be equipped with unique parts and accessories that can address such issues.

Lack of cargo

A front rack is handy for accommodating more cargo.  Some racks have braze-ons where you can attach two headlights and two bottles.  For cycles with back rack, a soft top for your cargo, which can be easily set up or down becomes very convenient during the rain.  When the sun is out, the windows in your soft top can be opened, allowing air to pass through.

Lack of security

Bike thefts are most common during spring or fall.  Some $600 to $3,000 high-end bikes are being secured with a $5 lock.  A good lock can deter most bike thefts.  And a cable lock can make your bike’s security solid. 

Lack of warning signals

Most classic bikes and cycles come with bicycle bells.  With its high pitch sound, the next car or bicycle can be warned of your bike’s presence.

Blind spots

These are areas that the driver cannot see or have difficulty seeing.  That is why some bikes come in bright colors or colors that reflect. Light coming from a different direction than the driver’s vision may reflect the colors of the bike. 

Pet or child transport

Some cycles come in with seats designed for transporting children or pets.  Accessories such as a padded surface make the children or pet very comfortable especially for that bumpy ride.

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There are a lot of things to consider in cycling.  Accessories are designed not only to provide comfort but also to ensure safety.  Such safety has and always will be the number one priority.

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