Metal Pressing: Taking Over Metalworking Processes

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Metal Press on Car ManufactureMetal pressing, or metal stamping, is perhaps one of the highly-used metalworking processes for industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronic.

Metal pressings in Birmingham are even used to produce components for simple machines, such as lawn mowers. You may belong in an industry yourself that makes use of metal pressings.

Stamping Process

Metal stamping uses metal sheets of virtually any kind of metal. The machines, either mechanical or hydraulic, then punch, shape, cast, or cut them through different operations such as blanking, four slide forming, or metal coining. In the process, operators line up metal sheets to dies which machines press down on.

Pressing Tools

Two of the tools metal stamping use is deep and shallow press tools. These tools are used for materials of varying thickness. The shallow press tool works on denser and tougher metals. On the other hand, the deep press tool frequently works on thin sheet metal.

Multiple Industry Coverage

As previously mentioned, different industries make use of metal stamping for components and even complex parts. The aerospace and automotive industries are perhaps two industries who rely on metal stamping for large parts. The medical and electronic industries are two other examples of such industries, although they need smaller components.

The Best of Metal Pressing

What makes metal stamping a popular metalworking process is due to several advantages it brings. For one, the process gets easily produce large or small orders to exact specifications. As a result, companies get to pay for lower production costs. At the same time, metal stamping produces stronger and more long-lasting products. It is even said that metal stamping is taking over for the metalworking processes of forging or die casting.

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Perhaps you are in need of metal components yourself; metal pressing is a great way to acquire such components. Whether you need metal pressings for a business or a project, you can contact a metalworking company to provide you with the products or components you need. You can enjoy all the advantages that metal pressing brings.

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