Maintenance Guide for Luxury Cars: 4 Steps to Do it Right

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Close-up Shot of Side MirrorTo any car aficionado, owning a Porsche or BMW is like a dream come true. Once you have it, there’s nothing more you’d want than to keep its sparkle and functionality even after years of use. To do that, there are certain steps you have to follow to keep the overall maintenance of your ride. Here are some of the most basic ones:

Wash it Every Two to Four Weeks

To get rid of dust, rubble, or debris that accumulated over time, a regular car wash of every two weeks is necessary. This should include applying wax, vacuuming, and cleaning the interior area of your ride. Aside from keeping its shine, it’s a great method to protect the paint job of your ride.

Do a Regular Car Tune Up

To ensure the efficiency and performance of your car, Formula Motorsports noted that regular tune-up services must be followed strictly. As the inspection for each car make and model varies, you have to employ an auto mechanic to perform these checks. This true especially when it comes to luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche.

Check the Engine Oil

The car engines need to work smoothly, so you could enjoy a smooth and hassle-free drive. For that to happen, you have to ensure that the oil and other fluids are at the right level. If not, then you need to refill every now and then. You just need to be careful with the oil and lubricants you’re going to fill your engines with to avoid damaging the components in it.

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Examine the Wheels & Tires

To enjoy a trouble-free drive, it’s important to check the wheels and tires regularly. Check if the front and back tires are properly aligned as well as if the tire pressure follows the recommended pressure for it. You may refer to the pressure chart, which is often placed in the trunk’s lid, to see how much air you need to feel them with for an optimal run on the road.

The secret to a perfectly running and looking ride lies with proper maintenance. Whether you own a luxury car or not, this guide will help keep your ride in its best condition.

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