IT Giants Takes War of Supremacy to Automobiles

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CockpitAs the whole world continues to adapt a much more high tech way of lifestyle, one could only imagine what machines and gadgets would look like in the future. Based on an interview with an expert, they say that by 2020, cars will have some kind of device built in them that will enable its drivers and passengers to connect online. An estimated 250 million automobiles are expected come with new features such as digital diagnostics, infotainment channels and enhanced navigation systems. The emergence of these new features will rack up an additional $270 million dollars to an industry that is worth $47 billion today.

A couple of decades ago, a company named Big Blue employed over 400 thousand employees, a capacity which makes the combined work force of the leading IT companies. Its rival on the other hand, Digital Entertainment only had twenty-five percent of their employee base. Apple on the other hand was at a dark place during that time as it has just recently fired its founder and CEO Steve Jobs. During this particular time, computers were not as big as they are now, yet a company such as IBM managed to make a fortune, dominating the PC market. It displayed superior facilities, superior resources and superior stature than its rivals sealing its position as the number one in the industry.

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Microsoft also emerged in the same era, but unlike the previously mentioned giants, it was the smallest with only 2,000 employees working for them. The moment they introduced Windows was the beginning of a new era and the humbling of the mighty IBM. By the time the whole world is preparing to head to the 90s what was once called the standard of Personal Computing suddenly became a number 2 and the world focused on windows. Microsoft never looked back despite using parts made by IBM and everyone thought the same thing.

The same thing can be said with the automobile industry today, as manufacturers are slowly stirring themselves in the same situation. Many automobiles today either carry operating systems in their dashboards, which are made by either google of Microsoft. An epic showdown that is set to break records and produce one of the greatest technological innovation humans have gotten themselves into.

Technological advancements in society are indeed growing in an impressive pace. Humans managed to somehow find new aspects of life to use it on and improve it. This puts humans in a better position to sustain development in the future.

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