Improve Your Car’s Running Condition and Durability with 2 Simple Hacks

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Car Backing Out of a GarageMany people have a hard time keeping their new cars in excellent shape, and most of the time repair costs pile up for damages you could have avoided. With the cost of buying a car running to tens of thousands of dollars, your car represents a significant investment. Other than allowing you the freedom of movement, cars are often social status symbols. As such, many people take considerable pride in their autos. However, to get the most of your new car, you need to consider a few factors for a successful motoring experience.

Take the time to break in your new car

As tempting as is the idea of driving from the dealers and tearing down the highway at breakneck speed, you should resist it at all cost. Doing so only serve to put your car at risk. Manufacturers recommend that you handle a brand new car carefully – at least for the first 1,000 miles.  Enjoy the new car smell as you cruise at speed lower than 55 mph. Similarly, you should not tow trailers during this initial period as well. Again, you should let the car idle for a little long than usual. Failing to heed to these recommendation lowers the lifespan of the car and could cause severe damage.

Watch how you drive

Despite boasting plenty of power under the hood, you should take every precaution while on the road. Heavy acceleration, hard braking, and cornering only serve to increase the wear and tear of the car. It also increases the likelihood of getting into an accident. According to a distinguished auto service company in Arvada, CO, rough driving habits take a toll on the braking system, shock absorbers, as well as the engine, leading to costly repairs. Additionally, bursts of speed and harsh braking cause your tires to wear out unevenly and quickly. Running over bumps, cracks, potholes and object on the road can damage the wheel and cause you to lose control of the car.

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It takes a considerable amount of effort and planning to keep your car running smoothly. The way you handle the car soon after driving off from the dealership and your driving habits bear a considerable influence on your vehicle’s lifespan.

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