Hospital Operations Require 24/7 Uninterrupted Power and Here Is Why

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Ongoing SurgeryWhere lives are concerned, medical equipment needs to run without any interruption. Hospitals must ensure that they have power 24/7 and in the event of power failure, necessary backups are available to warrant continuous power.

Hospitals and urgent care centres have mission critical operations that require an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Even a brief one-second power outage can cause essential equipment, such as heart monitors, respirators, and other crucial machines, to shut down. This short event may spell the difference between the survival and non-survival of a patient. It is essential therefore that a 24/7 electrical supply is ensured. But how can this be achieved?

UPS System

This is your first line of defence. If you are a hospital or urgent care centre, you need to ensure you enjoy a steady flow of electricity and that there is no drop in your electrical current. Any brief outage or power surge that can cause breakers to temporarily trip-off must be immediately handled by the UPS system.

GE Healthcare stated that you cannot control the power delivered from the grid to the hospital, making medical equipment prone to spikes, sags and interruptions. A UPS will help make sure that your medical machines and devices continue to work even in such conditions. However, since UPS is able to operate only within a fixed period, you need to have generators that can take over from your emergency backup system.


Depending on the size of your facility, you may only need a single 150-kVA generator, as in the case of a small urgent care centre. However, in the case of a large hospital, a 3,000-kVA generator set, or perhaps even two of these, may be needed. These generators can be set to take over from your UPS backup power system and run for several hours more until power is restored. But what happens if the power outage stretches into hours? For sure, while generators do have large fuel tanks, these are bound to get used up. What do you do?

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Self-Bunded Fuel Tanks

For maximum power stability, you also need to have a self-bunded fuel tank that could continuously supply the gas requirement of your generator. There are many companies such as Durotank offering self-bunded fuel tanks for sale, so you will have an easy time finding the right one for your generator set. Having this around will help make certain that your generator runs smoothly for the duration of the power outage so as not to adversely impact the well-being of your patients.

Mission critical operations like the ones that medical facilities need a steady supply of electricity to power their lifesaving machines and devices. Just imagine if a hospital suffers power downtime even for just a second or two while a delicate surgery is ongoing. ECMWeb recounted one instance where the hospital almost lost a life because of a power failure while surgery was ongoing. The lives of the patients on the operating table, as well as babies in natal care units or on incubator will be endangered and exposed to a great risk.

This is why you need to make sure everything is ready before you experience a power downtime in the future.

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