Going for Maintenance? Remember Not to Ignore These Things

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Auto mechanic checking the carMany are guilty of procrastination when it comes to car maintenance. Probably looking to save money or due to time constraints, one may look to cut down on having a full car service, opting only for a few seemingly necessary checks here and there.

This, however, may affect your car’s performance besides putting you at risk in the event of a serious malfunction. So, here are a few common areas that can be overlooked during maintenance;

Windshield Wipers

The constant use of windshield wipers means these will wear off quite fast. This may not seem like a big problem until it rains or snows and your ability to clearly see the road is significantly limited. This places you at risk of colliding with other vehicles or falling in a ditch.

To know whether the time is due for you to replace your wipers with new ones, go ahead and perform the wiper blade test. This test involves checking for specific red flags immediately after using the windshield wipers. They include;

  • Marks on your windshield
  • Noise when the wipers are on
  • Discoloration, splits and uneven edges on the rubber
  • Lack of consistency, with on and off movements

Failing to Rotate the Car Tires

Car rotation is recommended after every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Seeing as it is not as urgent as an oil change, for instance, one can quickly forget to have his or her tires checked. Failing to rotate your tires or having them aligned can lead to avoidable wear and tear.

In addition, driving with the wrong tire pressure can hurt your wheels. By merely looking at the tires, you cannot accurately tell if the tire pressure is correct. Certain factors can affect proper inflation of your tires, such as potholes and adverse weather. To be on the safe side, get a professional tire pressure check regularly after every few miles.

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Going for a state inspection in Alexandria, VA ensures you get full and expert maintenance done on your car. This will aid in prolonging the life of your vehicle. Consequently, you can drive worry-free and be reassured of your safety.

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