Factors that Lead to Extra Charges on Vehicle Rentals

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a man handing over the car keysRental cars are a convenient means of transport for weddings, vacation, business travels and road trips. This convenience comes at a cost. Car rental companies base their price on the type of car you select and the number of days you are renting it.

Before you sign the contract for a vehicle hire here in Auckland, however, you should understand the additional charges you might incur. Each company’s service agreement is different regarding what factors attract extra fees. Here are the most common elements.

Age and Number of Drivers

Some states have a minimum age limit for car rental drivers. Most rental companies require the drivers to be not less than 25 years old. They may charge higher prices and have some limitations for renters below 25.

If you have more than one driver, you might pay extra fees. The additional driver should also meet set company regulations.

Additional Mileage

The cost you pay for car rental per day should ideally include unlimited mileage. Some companies, however, have a limited daily distance and charge extra fees for additional mileage. Some offer a limited mileage for the whole rental period after which they start charging extra fees.

Ensure you understand if there are any limits and the charges you will incur.


Most companies have set limits on the gas the rental car should have when returning it. Some companies offer an alternative of fueling the vehicle upon return at a specified per-gallon fee. These rates tend to be higher compared to the prices at a gas station.

You can fuel at the gas station before dropping the car to save on cost.

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If you plan to drop off the car at a location other than where you picked it, you will pay extra fees. Late return of the vehicle also attracts additional costs. Some companies may give you a half-hour leeway before they start billing you for late drop-off.

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