Dodge to Reveal Newest Viper Soon

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Dodge carDodge¸ one of the most popular and influential car manufacturers in the whole of the United States, issued a statement recently saying that they are ready for the release of their biggest sports car, the Viper. According to the American Club Racer, the all-new Viper ACR is going to be the most powerful version that the company will ever produce. The car, flaunts a Large V-10 engine, which will make it impossible to control the rear tires if stability control.

Unlike the previous versions, this is the first time dodge came up with “ACR”. This all-new system is set to make an already powerful car more terrifying on the road. Interviews with people working for dodge stated that the new production line viper is capable of performing on the track. Unlike some car companies where they casually label their cars with “high performance” dodge does not joke around. Throughout their product line, only four cars have the title ACR.

Adding to the credibility of the all new Viper, its ACR system highlights harder suspension, aerodynamics upgrades, minimal options and other tweaks, which make a car frustrating to drive on the street.

Hardcore enthusiasts who have been a follower of the viper since its introduction to the market have expressed their excitement. VCOA, one of the more popular viper groups, sees the Viper as a religion, and they love track days like nobody else. Based on an old myth, the viper is supposed to be a failed experiment of the modern day Shelby Cobra. A car with an overpowered engine that is perhaps capable of spinning a car out of control if someone floors the gas pedal. Despite the face-lift and the added technology, the new viper still resembles and feels like its first version form the 90’s. They hinted the car still looked a bit strange due to efforts to make it look cool.

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Colin Comer who is an esteemed vintage-car collector and Shelby Cobra authority, bought two first-generation Vipers new. He said that, “They were revolutionary for the time, both for what they were and were not,” he says. He was quick to add that, “The car performed like a Cobra, and it didn’t have crap you didn’t need. But it was also horribly uncomfortable and smelled like a melting plastic factory when it got hot. I lost the convertible top on mine at 100 mph on the first day. There was a loud noise, and then it was gone. It didn’t matter, because the top stunk. But for all the shortcomings, the car was a magnificent beast.”

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