Conquering Basiphobia (Fear of Falling) in Construction Sites

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Construction SiteFree-falling basiphobia or the fear of falling from high places is a result of an existing acrophobia, the fear of heights. A lot of manual labour work requires climbing ladders or painting the highest points of walls, which may repel those who get weak in the knees just thinking of looking down the staircase. If you feel light-headed or nauseous while doing the job, you might have the fear too.

Face Your Demons

John Braun, a construction expert, says that basiphobia comes from the inability to fly, bounce or jump great lengths. It also comes from the fact that human beings are fragile creatures and any kind of fall would merit a wound, or two or ten. He understands that the natural pull of gravity can be bothersome. The fear of falling, however, does get in the way of doing your job.

What Braun suggests to fear-driven construction workers is to look at the overall working conditions and know what exactly it is that’s causing their fear. It could be a wiggly ladder or an unstable scaffolding. In Staffordshire, they use platform hires for safe and efficient height-related jobs. Premier Platforms agrees that any kind of construction work needs proper protection before the employees proceed.

Don’t Let It Consume You

Extreme cases of basiphobia could be dangerous not only to a construction worker’s productivity but also to their mental health. While conquering the fear is important, it is also safe to attack the problem at its roots outside work. Doctors may prescribe anti-anxiety medication to temporarily manage the fear. For more permanent solutions, visiting a therapist might be necessary.

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If you think a co-worker is also struggling with the fear, approach them. Talking to them might be of great help – it’s difficult to admit a fear in the workplace. Pay attention to anyone else who might be suffering from the phobia and gauge your own fears.

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