3rd Generation Mustang LX: Law Enforcement Motoring Legacy

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Mustang LX of 1993You will perhaps – if you’re an enthusiast – recognize the 87-93 Ford Mustang cars as the ones with aero composite headlamps in the front fascia manufactured in Venezuela, Valencia, and Carabobo. These cars share the honor of being known as the third generation of Mustangs with the U.S.-manufactured version with a quad headlight arrangement found in the 79-86 model years.

The two-door LX Mustang of 1993 is a 2.3L coupe with a rear-wheel drive and an automatic four-speed gearbox. The 2-door 5.0L sedan had a rear-wheel drive and a manual 5-speed gearbox. A version of the sedan enjoyed a reputation as the choice of law enforcement agencies during its time.

The Mustang’s Career as a Law Enforcement Cruiser

The California Highway Patrol, disappointed by the Camaros they put on highway duty, asked Ford to build them a sedan cruiser with the 82 GL notchbacks. They asked for 400 of these cars under Ford’s Sever Service Package. The car was equipped with a 157hp, two-barrel 302 engine, and it outperformed the previous cruisers (Camaros) in reliability under the punishing demands of police duty.

Other government and public agencies followed suit around the U.S. and eventually the SSP 5.0 Mustang’s legend grew so that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police also put a few LXs on duty. The Mustangs gained the RCMP’s respect, as there was hardly any other car in the area at the time that could evade the cars in a police pursuit, both in speed and in reliability.

The Third-Gen Mustang Today

You can still find a Mustang from the 93s and perhaps even earlier. A good Internet search will give you a considerable number of hits, a testament to the longevity of the vehicle and people’s lasting love affair with this unique and highly regarded car. It’s not all that difficult to find 93 Mustang LX parts, either, so whether you’re into restoring a piece of motoring history or redefining it to reflect your personal tastes you won’t have too many problems.

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Small by today’s standards, especially in terms of the Mustang, the 93 LX can still hold its own. For owners and enthusiasts alike, no other car is as solid and refined at the same time.

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