3 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Change Tires

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a tire shopDriving is all about safety. One good way to improve your ride and drive is to ensure that your tires are in good condition. However, over time, car tires may wear and become undependable. When that happens, car owners have no other choice than to replace it with a new one.

The question is, how will you know it’s time to change them? To answer that concern, listed down are the telltale signs your ride needs some serious tire replacement job.

Age of Tire

On average, tires could only last for at least six years, but according to tire manufacturers such as Armstrong Tire, you could still stretch out their lives between eight and ten years. Once it goes beyond that limit, they strongly advise replacement as your next step.

Even if the tires look perfectly fine for you, try not to push them to their limits. Otherwise, this might put you to serious road problems.

Deformed Tires

Tires that undergone extreme structural changes and damages another indication that you need a new set of tires. The deformities result from frequent exposure to heat and changing temperature. Even when you have all-weather tires, constant exposure to these elements may alter the tires’ original structure.

In case you notice these deformities, what you could do is to replace them immediately to avoid blowout while on the road.

Uneven or Worn Tread

The tread of tire or track is responsible for providing the vehicle with proper traction and handling while on the road. If the tread starts to lose its shape and show signs of wear, then bad things could happen as you drive it. You may lose proper control and may even cause a crash.

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This is why if you have bald or worn tires, it’s a clear sign that they are due for replacement.

Don’t compromise your own safety over defective tires. Knowing when to replace them could help you enjoy a safe and hassle-free ride, so be sure to keep these things in mind.

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