3 Questions to Ask a Used Car Dealer

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Used cars for auctionBased on reports, 38,276,140 used cars were sold in the U.S. in 2015 alone. If you’re planning to replace your ride this year with a used car, here are some questions you can ask car dealers in Rochester.

Who was the original owner of the used car?

Of course, most car dealers won’t show you the name and address of the car’s original or first owner. However, you can still ask. They can black out the name and address but insist that you see the car’s maintenance records. This way, you can see if the car was well maintained. For vehicles that were bought in an auction, make sure that you hire a professional mechanic to do a thorough inspection.

Can I take it home for an extended test drive?

You can take new and used cars for test drives. If you’re buying a used car, it’s best if you can take it home for an extended test drive to see how the car will fare after 24 hours or more. Car dealers usually insist that you don’t put over 100 miles on it. Just make sure that you have car insurance. And if you do drive away with a full tank of gas, make sure you return the unit with the same.

What is your return policy?

Better be safe than sorry and plan for the worst. If you do end up buying a lemon despite all your precautions, make sure you’re aware of the car dealer’s return policy, so you don’t end up getting hit by a curveball.

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Buying Used Cars

More and more people are getting practical and buying used cars instead of new ones. If you’re going for the practical approach and want to maximize the tight budget you have, consider buying a used car, just make sure you know what to ask.

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