3 Important Reminders When Planning Travel Incentive Programs

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Car Rental ServiceGiving travel incentives to recognize your employee’s achievements is one of the best ways to keep them motivated. This is important to maintain your company’s great culture and work environment. It should boost your team’s productivity as well.

Here are some tips on planning your travel incentive programs:

Choose the Best Dates

There is always a downtime to employees, particularly when they are dealing with strict deadlines, launching new projects or trying to hit their target quota for the month. Sending them on a vacation trip can be a good motivator and morale booster. The question is: would it affect the operational process if you send your best guys for a few days?

This is where efficient scheduling comes in. Determine the downtime or slow period at the office. Consider the weather and keep track of the staffing attendance. This will help you determine the best time for the incentive trip.

Know Your Target Group

As a business owner, you should know more about your staff. Find out more about their life outside the office. What are their hobbies? How do they spend their weekends? If necessary, conduct a survey so that you can get more feedback directly from your team members.

Make a big announcement about the travel incentive program and coordinate with the team regarding the location. This will help you choose the right destination and give the recipients an instant morale boost.

Create a Travel Checklist

Having a detailed checklist should make things more organised. This list must include the budget, itinerary, hotel accommodation and transportation. If you are giving away a free trip to Auckland, New Zealand, be sure to book early and look for reliable car hire services in the area. Verify the schedule to avoid disputes and delays.

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Always start with the designated budget. Browse online for group promos and packages. This will help you save more on travel funds. For any incentive program, you need to accomplish your goal to make the reward worth it. Be clear on your objectives and get everyone on board.

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