10 Ford Motor Company Facts You Need To Know

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Ford Company in KalamazooAre you a Ford fan? Here are 10 Ford Motor Company facts you may or may not know.

Fact #1: In 1986, Henry Ford built his first vehicle, the Quadricycle, which ran on four bicycle wheels and a four-horsepower engine.

Fact #2: In 1899, Henry Ford joined a group of entrepreneurs who founded the Detroit Automobile Company but left within a year.

Fact #3: In 1903, the Ford Motor Company was incorporated. At that time, the automobile had only 12 investors with 1,000 shares. On July 23, 1903, the company sold its very first model — the Ford Model A.

Fact #4: In 1907, Childe Harold Wills designed the company’s scripted trademark logo using a stencil set owned by his grandfather. This logo did not have the “Ford Oval” yet, which made its debut in 1927.

Fact #5: In 1941, Ford started producing “Jeeps” for the United States military. These vehicles were given the nickname “GP” because they were used for general purposes.

Fact #6: In 1964, the Ford Mustang was sold and became a huge success. Even today, it remains as one of the industry’s top-selling vehicles and a cultural icon.

Fact #7: On March 16, 1958, Ford produced its 50 millionth car, which was the popular Ford Thunderbird 1958 model. By this time, the company was creating an average of one million cars per year since Ford was founded.

Fact #8: On November 9, 1960, Robert McNamara became the president of Ford Motor Company. He was the company president who didn’t carry the Ford name. However, after a month into the job, McNamara resigned from the automobile company and joined the John F. Kennedy administration.

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Fact #9: In 1971, the “Pinto” range was launched by the Ford Motor Company. Unfortunately, the range failed to sell in Brazil. Why? Because “Pinto” was a slang term that meant male genitals.

Fact #10: During the 1999 Car of the Century competition, the Ford Model T received the status of the “20th century’s most influential car.” The model beat Citroën DS, BMC Mini and Volkswagen Type 1.

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